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Health Coach Academy

Feb 26, 2018

One of our goals at HCA is to profile coaches who stand out in a market that tends to be saturated with cookie cutter health coaching businesses.  Today we invite Brad Mullner to the show to share his unique business approach and how he distinguishes his brand from all of the rest.

Brad Mullner is the founder of Modern...

Feb 19, 2018

Engaging your message through your brand is an art.  The ability for health coaches to get their specific message through to a variety of audiences is the key to working with clients who are committed to getting the results you wish to have for them.

We invite Loren Weisman to the show to discuss this key concept.  

Feb 13, 2018

Terry Bahat joins the show all the way from Australia to show how health coaching is a global profession. Terry is the author of the best selling book Fit Mind Fab Body; No Diet Weight Loss for Busy Women, and coaches clients in New York, Israel, ans Singapore to name a few.

Armed with technology, Terry shows how health...

Feb 13, 2018

Health Coaching is a tremendously valuable service.  We are changing peoples lives for the better by coaching them to better health.  So why are a lot of health coaches not getting paid accordingly?  The sad truth is that we are all driving the price of our services WAY down.

Sean Croxton joins the show to discuss this...