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Health Coach Academy

Nov 27, 2018

Last episode we touched on how to manage our profits and start keeping some of the money that we earn as health coaches. So I wanted to dive in deeper and discuss the metaphysical components of attracting money and discuss how that can be extremely useful in our health coaching practice.

I couldn't ask for a better...

Nov 16, 2018

After 33 episodes of The Health Coach Academy Podcast, we have all we need to start a profitable coaching practice. However, sometimes it isn't that simple. We get money, but what exactly should we do next to have a sustainable practice?

Amber Dugger joins the show to answer the question of why, "if our business makes...

Nov 1, 2018

Perhaps my ignorance got the best of me. Maybe my preconceived ideas of the morbidly obese caused me to judge that community. As a health coach who has watched his share of "My 600 Pound Life", didn't think that I could be of service to them. More so I, I thought that they weren't interested in what a health coach had...