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Health Coach Academy

Feb 27, 2020

Modern healthcare has created a unique space for health coaches that has never existed before. Because of the complexity of the healthcare system, doctors don't have the ability to spend the proper amount of time with their patients to get the result that are needed. To discuss the evolution of this profession, we...

Feb 13, 2020

Poor branding can have a tremendously negative impact on your health coaching business. If our message doesn't align with the clients that we are seeking, it makes it incredibly difficult to gain the trust of prospective customers.

To discuss this vital concept further, we invited Ian Peterman to the show. Ian is the...

Feb 6, 2020

A successful health coaching practice does not happen overnight.  There is an evolution that happens as you become aware of what works and what doesn’t.  And the most successful coaches seem to align themselves with their mission and with other businesses in order to grow.

Melissa Akopiantz joins the show to discuss...