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Health Coach Academy

May 19, 2021

We live in a very litigious society were lawsuits are commonplace. The last thing we want to worry about as health coaches is having our businesses vulnerable to avoidable legal issues. That's why it is so important to knock out some of the easy legal issues early on in the process of growing our practice to protect our...

May 10, 2021

One of the most difficult parts of starting a health coaching practice is having a system that works from the beginning. Creating a system isn't an easy task, especially for those new to having their own business. What if there was a turn-key model that can get your clients results right away? 

Dr. Todd Frisch joins the...

May 3, 2021

We all struggle with the overwhelm of creating an online business. It is really important to understand that nobody just steps into business success without ups and downs. So when we have an opportunity to hear stories of our peers fighting through the obstacles, it gives us hope.

It was refreshing to discuss the early...