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Health Coach Academy

Aug 18, 2021

For the health coach starting out, it can be difficult to see all the potential your practice has. This isn't just about the potential for money. Your practice can provide freedom and influence that can easily be tapped when recognized.

To help us unlock the potential of our practice, we invited Hailey Rowe to the show....

Aug 11, 2021

Health coaching is a global industry. The need for coaches isn't limited to the Americas. What's exciting about this concept is the fact that it opens up doors to even more opportunities to grow our businesses and get more clients!

To demonstrate this fact, we invited Di-Di Hoffman to the show. Di-Di is a business...

Aug 4, 2021

Corporate wellness is a booming field! More and more businesses are realizing that the wellbeing of their employees has a tremendous impact on their bottom line. The cost benefits of a healthy employee are noticed in everything from productivity to reduced healthcare costs.

To give us strategies on how to get started in...