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Health Coach Academy

Sep 7, 2023

Can an online program really give you the flexibility and financial stability you need to sustain a health coaching practice long-term? The simple answer is absolutely! By leveraging digital platforms, you can design and deliver courses tailored to your expertise and passions and reach a global audience that has the potential to generate passive income streams over time. And these programs can be on a rinse and repeat cycle so that you can gain a consistent source of income for the long haul. And nobody has mastered this better than today's guest Lori Kennedy. 

Lori comes back to the show to share how her initial signature program propelled her business to astronomical heights and continues to yield results to this day.  Lori is the CEO of The Wellness Business Hub and discusses how the program has evolved and introduces her upcoming free training on how to replicate her process called CREATE & FILL YOUR FIRST ONLINE PROGRAM