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Health Coach Academy

Dec 13, 2022

When the economy gets a little shaky, we tend to re-evaluate some of the things in our lives and consider whether they are truly necessary. We might look at our subscription services, like Netflix or whether we need all of the premium channels from our cable provider. We might consider cutting back on our vacations or our nights out. So the reality of any downturn is that a client who is buying your programs may look at your services and think twice about it. Is your program a nice thing to have, or is it an absolute necessity? In other words, is your health coaching practice a vitamin or a pain killer?

To position our services into the pain killer category, we invited Racheal Cook back to the show! Racheal is a business strategist who supports health coaches to create offerings that can survive and thrive no matter what state the world is in.  She is the founder of the CEO Collective and the host of the Promote Yourself to CEO Podcast.