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Health Coach Academy

Aug 3, 2022

It is really easy to fall into the trap that there’s too much competition in the health coach space.  As you become certified and look all around you, it is easy to feel like the market is saturated. But, that’s simply a thought not necessarily based in reality. How many lawyers enter the workforce? How many doctors? How many plumbers? How many electricians. How many physical therapists? How come these markets aren’t considered saturated? Why is it that the mindset of these professionals are so different from a health coach’s mindset?

To discuss this idea and how to break out of this limiting mindset, we invited Dr. Aaron LeBauer to the show. Dr. LeBauer is the host of The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast and author of The CashPT Blueprint. He has helped thousands of physical therapists scale their time, income and their impact despite heavy pushback from physicians and physical therapist.