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Health Coach Academy

Jul 18, 2023

After over 180 episodes, I think I finally understand the purpose of niching down. I know that sounds bizarre, and I did get the concept of a niche superficially, this episode was the one that I truly had that aha moment. When put into practical terms, the niche is not about you.  Yes, you can probably help all different types of people. But, the niche is for the consumer. They are doing the looking, not you.

So the man who opened up my eyes clearer than ever before is Ren Jones. Ren is one of the true pioneers in the online coaching space and founder of Fitness Jones Training. Ren is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and certified in sports and exercise nutrition through Precision Nutrition. He joins the show to share his incredible journey and business tips that have consistently set him apart from his peers.