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Health Coach Academy

Jun 2, 2022

How much extra time and effort does it take to close a $100 an hour health coaching package in comparison to a $25,000 coaching package?  What if I told you that it doesn't really take that much more?  Even though this doesn't seem to make sense, it isn't the first time this concept was introduced to me. In fact, Magic Johnson said he received the same advice from the late Dr. Jerry Buss, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and mentor to Magic when referring to deals in the millions. What's the secret? It's a combination of the proper mindset, sales skills, and your emotions that enable this leap!
Isaac Ho joins the show to discuss how this works. Isaac is a master sales and mindset coach who helps entrepreneurs double and triple their income.  Isaac's clients routinely sell $20k-$50k packages and he helps them transform their mindsets in order to create a lifestyle of freedom and joy.