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Health Coach Academy

Nov 1, 2018

Perhaps my ignorance got the best of me. Maybe my preconceived ideas of the morbidly obese caused me to judge that community. As a health coach who has watched his share of "My 600 Pound Life", didn't think that I could be of service to them. More so I, I thought that they weren't interested in what a health coach had to offer.

These thoughts were turned upside down when I met Sean Mulroney. Sean was turned down by over 30 personal trainers when he tried to get help when his weight topped 687 pounds. And once he finally did find a trainer to work with him, Sean lost 110 pounds and 65 inches and counting!

Sean Mulroney is the founder of the Obesity Revolution and has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Fox Saint Louis, and his videos have been watched by millions of people.