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Health Coach Academy

Sep 19, 2023

True success lies not in products or technologies, but in the power of people. Why do some companies have loyal, cult-like followings while others blend into oblivion? If we look around, we begin to notice that traditional marketing is losing its edge and many entrepreneurs are struggling to stand out.  It becomes clear that a thriving community can be your biggest asset. This breakthrough has launched Lloyed Lobo to new heights and led him to coin the phrase: " If you build a community, you won't become a commodity!".

Lloyed joins the show to reinforce this message.  Lloyed is an entrepreneur, podcast host and community builder.  As a young refugee in Kuwait, he witnessed the strength of community in evacuating the population to safety. His new book, From Grassroots to Greatness -13 Rules to Build Iconic Brands with Community Led Growth has topped Amazon's new release charts in a number of categories.

This book dives into what Lloyed learned after talking to 1,000+ leaders and looking behind the growth of obscure ideas that went on to become enduring companies like Apple, Atlassian, CrossFit, Harley-Davidson, HubSpot, and more.